Breast Cancer: Surgery Day August 5 2008

Written and Experienced by Lynn Redding

Surgery day is finally here
Family and friends are gathered near
Shella is here, Aunt Pam too, Kaylee and Alex came along for the ride
Cindy had a meeting she picked Austin up around 10. It is Tuesday, their day to play.
He said he might come to the hospital when I’m recovered.
I’ll miss him, but he is where he should be.
Too many things I don’t want him to see.
It’s almost noon, time to go
My bag is packed, my nerves are shot
Why did God make this day so damn hot
The others rode with Kaylee, me with my mom
She thought they should stay closer, but they weren’t far behind
Mom let me out close to the door. Shella walked me in.
She is so worried, I’m glad she was here. I tried to convince her there was nothing to fear.
I checked in at the desk, she said have a seat
It wasn’t long and they called my name. A pager was given, I gave it to mom
I filled out the card with her name and phone number
At some point a nurse would receive her info so the doctor can find her with info on me
My name was called again
This time they want blood and a urine sample if possible
Four tubes of blood didn’t take much time
Buth the pee in the cup I didn’t think would happen
After 13 hours of no liquids, I didn’t give up — it wasn’t a lot, it would have to do
I placed the cup in the secret door and went back to wait
Mom and Shella stayed with me while the others went to eat
I shared the magazines that Jennifer had sent
“Theresa” was called and away I went
My family could come after they got me ready
For now my nerves were still very steady
Nila was my nurse. she checked all my vitals
Blood pressure, pulse, heart monitor, she checked the pulse in my neck and my feet
My temperature was taken
No alarms went off
I’m sure they weren’t normal, but not horrible I guess
I forgot to mention my beautiful gown and tan footies
She asked questions, too numerous to mention, ones I know I’ve answered before
It doesn’t hurt to double check, I guess
Another person now for the IV
It didn’t start out good
Three tries and blood all over the floor and nurse.
One needle is all she has left, now there are none and no IV, I’m afraid to say
Another nurse was called, Jennifer was her name
The first nurse kept apologizing I said I’m OK
Another needle was gotten and success–they’re in
An odd place on the top of my hand
More apologizing, I told them it happens sometimes
That’s why there is backup
The doctor is running behind
I said I’m not going anywhere
I’m here till they take this tumor away
I don’t want to wait another day
My family left except for mom – they went by my house then to Cindy’s too
I told mom to go eat before it was too late. Cafeteria closes at 6 and it was about 5
She was gone 5 minutes when the doctor came in
She asked how I was
I’m good I replied
She apologized for the delay
I said it is OK
She asked about my meeting with Dr. Allen – radiologist
I said it was great
She checked my ultrasound results – she said it is OK
And in a few minutes surgery would be underway
I called mom and told her the doctor was here
She returned quickly
I was worried she didn’t eat
She said it was wonderful, something chicken I think
The anesthesiologist came in and said drugs were on the way. Do I have any questions?
“How quickly will they work?” Fast was the answer
I asked about staying overnight
He asked the nurse. 23 hours starts when you are in a room
The nurses put 4 shots in the IV
I don’t remember them all, but one was for my stomach, you’ll learn later it failed.
I said the ceiling tiles are moving and the next thing I heard someone saying “Wake up Lynn you can go home soon”
It was hard to wake up
My eyes wouldn’t stay open
My mouth was dry and I hated the oxygen mask
I took it off, they put it on
Now my eyes are open and I need a drink. Sprite never tasted so good, at least the first sip
The sweetness was more than I thought I could take
Then green Jell-O and cheese and saltines were even worse
The cheese made me gag
The Jell-O was green
My mouth was so dry the saltines didn’t work
I’ll wait till I get home to drink and eat
Diet Coke and some toast, but there is something I must do first
A finger down my throat – oh what relief
From my stomach it came the blue dye was there
But now it is out and I feel so much better. Mom couldn’t believe I did it, I said I had to
She was worried I would pull something that shouldn’t be pulled. But it is all OK and
I FEEL MUCH BETTER! I forgot to mention my poker friends stopped by.
They brought flowers and love
They talked with my mom and were there when the doctor came out.
The surgery went well – the lymph nodes are clear
Let’s say it again THE LYMPH NODES ARE CLEAR!
I have an appointment for Friday afternoon to get full pathology report. Stay tuned
Wednesday – 2:35 no pain medicine yet. Vicodin waiting at pharmacy
7 p.m. Generic Vicodin picked up
8:38 p.m. Still no meds for pain.

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