Breast Cancer: The Results – June 14

Thursday no results, I called 3 times
Friday I called, “It won’t be today, call back on Monday”
My cell phone number was given

Monday seams like forever away
When you call on a Friday
Not knowing what they’ll say

Saturday, Sunday they somehow passed by
When Monday arrived I thought I would cry
I’ll save that for later, now it’s to work
I can’t cry there, but maybe I will
Others might cry too
We can comfort each other, for now that is all

I call before 9, the line is busy
I must do my work, I feel kind of dizzy

When I called at 9:30 she said
“Yes they’re here, the doctor hasn’t looked at them, call back after noon.”
Once again I gave my cell number
While I was out for lunch
They called my office!

For lunch they’re closed until 1:30
I start dialing the phone, the line is busy
I find the redial and try again
The answering machine answers
“We’re closed until 1:30” and some other stuff
Four more busy signals and finally a ring
I hear someone answer as the machine does its thing

Redial – busy, seems like hundreds of times
Someone answers
I tell her my name
She says we will call you right back, the cell number again

About 2 minutes later my cell phone rings
“This is the doctor, can you come over now?”
Yes was the answer as I ran to my car

I told my name through the sliding glass window
It might be a while, please have a seat
A text message to my sister, I’d better let her know
But the doctor, not the nurse, opened the door
“Theresa, I can see you now”
45 seconds, that’s not a bad wait

He said “have a seat” with concern in his voice
I have some bad news and some good news too
The right breast is clear but the left has c……….

Breathe, breathe, oh yea, I have to breathe
A few words were missed, but I got the message
My life has now changed

Changed isn’t over, I can’t give up now
All the things in my life:
Infection and surgery before I was 2; at 12 it was head injury – more surgery – learning to walk again; early 20s it was gall bladder; 37 was a baby – Austin is wonderful – a gift straight from God; carpal tunnel surgery in 2004 – that I found out wasn’t needed
I think that is enough, I can’t take any more

Oh, wait, yes I can!
Bring it on, all you’ve got
I’m stronger than most
I’ll fight you, you C word
You know you can’t win

My appointment with the surgeon is Wednesday of next week
I will be there with my family and friends by my side
There were tears and hugs when I told them, well wishes from the heart
They’re here to support me to the end of the ride
And when that time comes, I won’t take a break
I’ve got the rest of my life to live
Thank God, for Heaven’s sake.

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