Breast Cancer: Waiting for the Biopsy – June 10

This is the first entry of the experiences of my sister Lynn who is about to go on that journey after “finding a lump.”Today I had a biopsy
Now we wait for the results
The waiting seems to be endless
Oh no, wait, yeah I still have a pulse

At first there was a lump
It was on the left
I waited for it to go way
Then I scheduled a test

They said there was a problem, but it was on the right
I had to wait while they called my doctor
He had to order a further scan, but it was lunchtime in his office
So I waited now with fright

They placed it gently on the machine
Then they pressed it almost flat
Can you take more was the question
I said “I’m OK with that”

I saw the films, but didn’t understand
What they showed me wasn’t normal
So I waited for the radiologist to explain
A biopsy would be needed on the right
But what about the left

I moved down the hall for an ultrasound
There was no waiting here
It didn’t take long
Then I heard biopsy and doctor again

The radiologist showed me the picture, it was right there on the screen
A dark area the size of a peach pit was easy to be seen
He left the room, I waited again, he came back and said I could go
But a biopsy of the left was also needed

I said do it now, he said I would have to wait
Scheduling and insurance were in control now,
I have to wait on them, but I don’t know how

A woman named Robin called 2 days later
The biopsies had been scheduled July 9 was the day
Check in by 6:30 she said
A holiday and vacation, 12 more days of waiting

Who to tell, what to do
Do I cry or hold it in
Wait for all – – that’s what I did
I told my sis, I told my mom, I told one friend and I told my boss
They wished me well and said some prayers
I love them all, I hope they know

Biopsy day – not much more waiting
A shower, no bra, no makeup, a t-shirt and shorts
Mom picked me up at 6 a.m. sharp
We went to the hospital and waited to check in

Rita and Donna, Debbi and Kari, Bri and Dr. Godbee took care that day
One took my health history and my blood pressure, oh yea it was high!
Another explained the procedures and escorted me to the test
After looking for the wheelchair that had been waiting at the door

The one that did the mammogram was there
She had that comforting touch and concern in her words
When she asked “how are you doing”
I tried to talk, but all that came out was “OK

The first biopsy I sat in a tall back wheel chair
The right one was first
They placed it on the machine and said “DO NOT MOVE”
Marks and measurements then the doctor came in

Turn your head – close your eyes
It worked like a drill press and sounded like a sewing machine
Drill, Scan, Drill, Scan, Drill, Scan, your doing great, drill, scan, we need one more, drill scan, now you can move

Twenty minutes of director pressure, one of them did great
Talk of Wal-Mart, husbands, cashiers, bagging groceries, bleeding, bandaging, the mall and husbands
She bandaged me and sent me down the hall

The ultrasound guided biopsy on the left was next
A different one was there this time
She said she would assist the doctor
It wasn’t going to be as bad as the other

More scanning and marking, then the doctor came in
A shot and the question “Can you feel this?”
No was the answer, then it began
A tug and click, like the sound of a price tag gun
After 5 or 6 clicks he said he was done

He explained that my doctor would get the results in 24 to 48 hours, don’t lift anything heavy, take it easy for a few days and don’t drive today.
I can go back to my room and then home in 15 minutes
The first one came back, did the blood pressure again, not as bad as the first
But still not normal
She said an ice pack would help ease the pain, but when she returned there was no ice, but more blood pressure testing
She said I could you can go if you sign one more form
Theresa Redding was signed on the line with the X

A wheelchair was offered and a girl brought some ice
A tube top was given to hold it all tight
Mom offered to bring the car to the door
I said I can make it, I’m not even sore

The biopsies are over, I still have a pulse
Now, I am just sitting here waiting for results

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