The Autumn Chill of a Data Center

The black boxes that tower over me by about two feet remind me of a telephone booth, remember those? These black boxes are full of data, technology, websites, files, software, hardware, and miles upon miles of cables curving gently into every nook,cranny, and network port. The flickering lights and roaring whirrrrr of dozens of fans lull me breifly into a cozy moment of warm relief. I stand warming myself behind a server rack in the data center where I work. They purge the hot air produced by the cpu’s and harddrives into a breezy florescent lit room with air conditioners the size of my car. If I get close enough I only feel the heat. It kind of wraps around me and I’m convinced I’m over the chill, but then I lean away every so slightly and the cold wind crawls right back up my spine.

If only it would snow to make it all worth the shiver.

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