Super Girl

Slowly shopping through the store one evening, a small voice came from the cart.

“Can you fly?”


“Yes you can, I gave you something to drink (slurping noises) and now you can fly. You are Supergirl.”

In an instant I was transformed from boring old Aunt Cindy, unsocial computer operator, wife of Paul, Aunt to some, sister to others, shopping in Wal-Mart on a slow Monday evening, to being a SUPERHERO.

“What other powers do I have?”


“In my eye balls or in my finger tips.”

“Eyes (laser sounds)”

The conversation continued for several minutes and I realized that somewhere in that ever learning, always alert 4 year old mind was a world that I have forgotten. The place where you can go and the world around you does not exist anymore.

The pushy lady with her cart up my back side in isle 5 becomes a horrible villain who can be taken out of commission with a quick zap of my laser eyes. The lazy shelf stocker in house wares becomes a one eyed monster that can be dealt with by simply pointed my invisibility gun (a cucumber) at him while making an invisibility gun sound (something like ssshooonnnnng!) rendering him, of course, invisible so I don’t have to suffer through watching his not-so-devoted work habits.

I do not claim to be a people person. I despise going shopping or driving if there is the slightest possibility that I might have to encounter actual people and their selfish disrespectful ways.

But, now I can swish through the store as Supergirl, trampling evil-doers and getting milk at the same time.

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