Oh the Pain, Good for the Soul

Posted on Friday, April 13 2007

Before I start, the scary thing is that photo of me in that last little article isn’t a post surgery one, it’s just an anyday picture of me..haha

Ok, it’s Friday, day 3, 36 hours after my belly was assaulted by a very nice woman with a very sharp instrument. Now it’s time to go home and I’m anticipating some real action. The world is full of steps and curbs and things to bend over to pick up. It all sounds like such an adventure.

I am feeling lots of pain, but it’s a good thing. If I were to numb the hurt completely I would not be reminded of what my body has gone through. This aint’ a little thing, having all your woman parts removed. It’s traumatic and difficult. I want a few twinges of pain now and then to keep me from doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing. I want to heal, not be Super Woman and end up ripping something or tearing the nicely glued slice on my mid section clean apart….that would suck.

The fear of the pain is something to get over as quickly as possible for me, otherwise I would be a slave to it. I don’t want to not reach for something or bend a little bit or whatever just because I THINK it will hurt. I will go slowly and discover my real limitations, not the ones I make up in my mind. Let the body dictate my limitations, not my expectations.

Well time to pack to go home and continue the journey. More later.

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