Laughter Is Not Medicine

Posted on Saturday, June 09 2007

Something’s funny about pain, occasionally.

Let’s recap. Two months ago I had a Full Whack Hysterectomy. I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term. Everything must go type thing. I had a few rough weeks and then things started to look up. I had a couple set backs here and there, but mostly just simple daily battles with pain and inconvenience of limited abilities in the lifting, bending, and pooping departments.

As of last week things were going quite well. I even commented to a co-worker that it’s amazing how good you feel after you have felt bad, and then realize how we take good health for granted most of the time. And then I got cocky and it happened. I lifted. I bent.

After a few weeks of recovery from surgery, things might not have been as sturdy as I would have hoped. The next thing I know I had screwed my back up, again (a recurring theme with a job that requires heavy lifting).

Ok, the back yank was last Thursday. This Monday I went to a looney tune chiropractor. Well, I didn’t know he was a loon when I first went there, but after a full visit, no pain relief, didn’t believe in pain medicine, and the “You’ll have to come back 8 times.” routine, I was worse off then I was before.

So, I found a new doctor to try, but as modern day convenience prevails, they didn’t have an opening until next Tuesday. That’s almost 2 weeks of the agony of a back/hip out of place. So, I decide to just get on with things. Go to work, but no lifting. Go grocery shopping, but use a cart even for 3 items. You get the idea.

Unfortunately we have a job where we are short staffed all the time so when I am not at full working capacity we need everyone else to be, but that’s not the case this week. Sadly another co-worker is feeling poorly so our combined lifting abilities suck, quite frankly, so the bulk of the dirty work rests on one brave soul, our third co-worker (healthy and strong, just the way I like em). The thing is, the two sickies, myself included, can’t stop doing some of the work because we know it’s not fair to let someone else make up for our weaknesses.

So, tonight I’m trying my best to stay on my feet, keep moving, keep carrying things around, keep kneeling on one knee instead of bend, take a deep breath when it’s time to shift anything heavier than a cup of water. It’s just the way it goes. I have no pain meds or even a little Tylenol to cut the aching, so I’m free of chemicals, hoping for a miracle.

This is where the funny part comes in. Remember the little operation I had a few weeks ago, well, that area, the big long cut and all the inside area that’s involved is still having a lot of cramping and general hurting. Tonight it’s kicking in again with the cramps every few minutes, stinging pain around where nerves are still healing, all that good stuff. At one point I had a hard hitting pain in my gut, making me want to double over, ahhhhh but bending over makes my back feel like a thousands tiny swords of doom are pricking that area just above the butt crack. Pleasant though it may sound, it doesn’t put one in a good frame of mind for being very productive?

Imagine, there I stood, trying to work, aching front, aching back and everything in between and as fate would have it, I started to laugh. I felt a tear well up in my eyes, but it was temporary because the urge to giggle just took over. I didn’t let anyone see, that would just make me look like a sissy, not a brave little trooper. I just smiled, did my little task and moved on.

I guess when you have some health issues that are difficult but don’t totally incapacitate you, there’s a choice to be made. Do I give up and go home, lay on the couch and wait to be healthy again? Or, do I suffer through, occasionally wincing in pain, taking lots of “time outs”, and smiling through the hard times instead of crying? I personally would choose the couch to be honest. I have no problem resting and letting my body do the healing, but then there’s the big bad world out here and there are people counting on most of us to at least try to do our best and not give up.

So…laugh through the pain, wait for the weekend, and next week, this new doctor better believe in pain medicine or I’m gonna lose what’s left of my mind :).

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