Artist: Christopher Baldwin


A web site full of amazing artwork and personality, & has become one of my favorite this past week. I was browsing for comic strips to add to my “fun stuff” section and found this treasure of a strip.

Bruno is a contemporary comic strip with a keen observation of life as a single adult, and life in general. I know the comic strip does not write itself, it’s the creative talents of Christopher Baldwin, born in 1973 he’s younger, more observative, and more motivated than I’ll ever be. His daily strip “Bruno” is drawn in a style only vaguely like any strip you will see around these days. Mostly the style is pure drawing at it’s best.His perception of real objects, the simple but important details of everyday items gives the work a quality not found in the funny pages.

The subject matter of Bruno is everyday life, dealing with topics like dating, work, politics, religion, and sexuality. Baldwin does not shy away from the important issues either, abortion, suicide, depression, all tackled in a gentle, extremely intelligent way.

Christopher Baldwin is a talent to be admired, appreciated and savored. I am glad I found Mr. Baldwin and his Bruno….it’s been a great few days of reading, and hopefully many more.

Clip from bio: “My goals are to clear my debt and move to Europe, living in a different place every few months. To see the world. it’s definately a long-term plan, but I love traveling and hope to do much much more of it. And of course, for all you readers (and, hell, for my pleasure too), I plan to bring Bruno along. ”

You will find more than just Bruno as an artistic offering from Baldwin. Painting, drawing, mixed media, it’s all there. There is an excellent image gallery and the opportunity to commission your own Baldwin original.

Thanks to Mr. Baldwin for allowing me to use his artwork and post this story… much appreciated.

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