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Lately I’ve been having fun with projects. I like projects. If I’m drawing a banner for someone’s event, or going to TRY to help out with community events, it’s all satisfying and productive, and it gives me that feeling. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s different from the regular day to day vibe of life. It makes me think I’m using the time of this life well. Even if the banners get scrunched up and thrown away when the event is over, and even if I only cook a few burgers (eh hem..vegetarian here!!) and a few funnel cakes at a town fair, it all feels right.

I’m almost 50 years old, and the use of the time I have while I’m still kickin’ is all I’ve got. If I feel miserable because of my own choice of activities, well, that’s my own fault. If I need to face bad stuff in life, handle those big events that are more important than banners and fairs, like death, illness, and people I care about being in need, I’ll try to approach them with the same attitude. This is something that is a good use of my time, my energy, my efforts, and then when you add it all up…it still feels right, even if there are tears along the way.

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