Garden: Saving Marigold Seeds

Saving Marigold Seeds

Saving Marigold Seeds

I LOVE marigolds. I know, I know, some people say they hate the way they smell and they are “boring”, REALLY? The shapes their petals make are so cool, how can that be boring. I also happen to love orange, so they make me smile every time I look out the kitchen window.

I didn’t realize I could save my own seeds. The marigold seeds are so interesting. Just look at them! They are long and skinny with a little “wing-tail thingy on the end, I assume so they can fly around to plant themselves in nature. I’m not botanist, but that sounds right:) This year I gathered a few dead heads, let them dry, and will put them away in a paper envelope for the winter. This is not really necessary, I mean, seeds are cheap, but how fun is it to think you can just perpetuate your own garden year after year? I’m no homesteader or prepper or even a very good gardener, but I am learning and this seed saving thing is part of the process. Here is a more detailed description of growing and gathering marigold seeds at

To test the seeds in the winter before I start the pots for spring, I’ll put them on a damp toilet paper roll, some day use paper towels but I don’t have any around the house:), put them in a ziploc bag for a few days in a warm place and see if they sprout. I might not get any viable seeds, but it’s worth a try, and I am learning a lot along the way.

The more marigolds I can get growing around my house the happier I will be, so it’s a project I can’t resist. Someday maybe I’ll be a better gardener, with all the tips and tricks and knowledge I need to grow everything from flowers to fruit, but for now I’ll stick with the little orange flowers that put a smile on my face.

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