Garden Success 2016: Potatoes

I put them in trash cans and regular pots, and they did GREAT! I had 3 lots of potatoes to enjoy, and that was just from about 12 starter potatoes. I started chitting them in about March and put them in some pretty crappy soil, not to mention in some pretty small containers, but through the early spring and summer they grew like crazy. I didn’t get one single blossom on any plant, but when I turned them out and dug them up I had enough spuds to fry, boil, and make potato salad. It so exciting to dig down and find something you grew from almost nothing and then know you can feed your family, well in my case my husband and I:). It’s fun and next year 2017 will be the year of the POTATO!


Millennium Falcon - Potatoes

Millennium Falcon grew a bunch of awesome potatoes in 2016.

Potatoes 2016

I will plant more potatoes in pots in 2017 for sure.

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