Garden 2016: Seeds In Dirt

It’s that time of year and I am so excited! If you knew me you would know why that’s so weird. I have NEVER been a nature person, but a couple of years ago I started planting some tomatoes from seed and it was love at first seedling. I really enjoy the process of it all, even though by about the middle of June I’m getting a little less eager to get out in the hot sun and do the watering and weeding and all that unfun gardening stuff. I am learning more all the time about which plants really do well in containers, which ones are hardy and which ones I have to just give up on. So far I haven’t had the nerve to give up on anything, but someday I’m sure enough failed tomato plants will teach me a lesson.

Here is one of those things you realize when you do something like gardening, well I call it gardening but I really just plant stuff and see if it grows and there is no actual garden involved, the thing is that you will make mistakes and it’s fine. Today I had so many things organized, all the labels made, plastic containers to put the little soil pellets in and figured out what would grow in which thing, etc. I thought I had it all under control. I proceeded to wet the soil pellets, put them in the container that fit a certain amount JUST RIGHT, planted the seeds and put in the labels I made from a box of craft sticks…..and then realized that i cannot get the plastic lid on for that all important propagation stage of the process:) Is it important? Let me go look (hum quietly to yourself while I Google it) OK, propagators are not necessary, but help with keeping the temperature and conditions consistent while a seed is germinating. I get it, but if these seeds were to fall on the ground to grow in nature they would not have a special lid to keep them cozy and warm, so I might skip the lid if I can’t manage shorter labels. After all, that is what gardening is all about, problem solving, and eating cherry tomatoes off the plant in the middle of a sunny day while your husband watches in horror asking “ARE YOU NOT EVEN GOING TO WASH IT!!??”

03-10-16 Planting Seeds

I’m pretty sure this is not what my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers’ tables looked like before gardening season, but hey, toilet paper rolls and recycled plastic containers are an addition to all the “old” know how.

03-10-16 Planting Seeds 01

The seedlings might need some toughening up before they go outside in a few weeks so a couple of years ago I made this box with computer fans to make the air move across their tiny little leaves. It seems to do a good job, and keeps mold from setting in. I could give up on this gardening thing, but I have saved toilet paper rolls, built a computer fan box, made labels with craft sticks, made an online calendar for when to plant different seeds, I’m in too deep…there’s no going back now:)

03-10-16 FANcy Grow Box 01


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