Great Grandma’s Coffee

Coffee DoodleDear Great Great Great Grandma, when your cup of coffee got cold what did you do? I have this box on my counter that is plugged into the wall and when you put your cold coffee in it and push a button, the coffee comes out hot again. There are microwaves and radiation and invisible tiny things bouncing around in the box that heat up each individual molecule of the coffee…but I really don’t understand it.

They say that science and technology have taught us a lot through the years, but then I think about you and wonder if we are any better off or are we just showing off?

If you made a roast in the oven all day you would let it rest before you cut it. If you didn’t know why, well I watch this other box called a TV (it’s not a box anymore it’s just a flat piece of plastic and glass hanging on the wall) which brings the world to my living room. On this box there are people who do all sorts of stuff and one of them is teaching people how to cook. They say things like the width of the meat fibers are directly related to the temperature and when it is out of the oven and relaxes with the cooler air of the room those fibers can hold more juices..blah blah blah…basically, just let it rest a few minutes before cutting it, but you already knew that.

There is this thing called the internet, it’s a lot more boxes filled with wires and plastic and stuff that all connect together around the whole planet and people can share information. For better or worse, it has become a part of our lives. On that internet, which I can look at on my computer (that’s a whole other story), a digital tablet (really, these things do exist), or even a phone I can put in my pocket and do more than just call up somebody to ask them to come over for supper. A phone has this internet on it and has all kinds of everything on it, even gardening. I have learned that planting corn next to beans next to squash is good because of nitrogen fixing and enzymes and pest control and evaporation and germination…but you probably already knew all that but without the fancy words.

There is a lot in this life that I can figure out on my own these days, well, on my own means I can find strangers on boxes who are telling anyone who will listen. The thing is, there is nothing quite like a mom or Grandma or great great great Grandma who KNOWS what they are doing and they share it with you. My mom still teaches me and my friends things from all her experiences and learning from her own life. My Grandmas taught me so much I don’t think I can ever even know what all is in my head from the times I spent with them. They did have microwaves, by the way, my Grandmas, your great great Granddaughters, and they used them with wonder and amazement, not so much like younger generations who just take them for granted.

So, what did you do with a cold cup of coffee? I reckon you just poured it back in the pot on the stove and let it get hot again….or maybe you drank it because you were a lot tougher woman than I am:) Or maybe you didn’t let it get cold in the first place.

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