Painting: Lindsay’s Cubicle Getaway


I finally got my thumb out and worked on this painting I’m doing for a friend at work, and I made some bread. I love seeing the paints out on the counter, the potential mess, the possibilities of the painting. I am not comfortable painting though, it makes me nervous. When I have a vision of what I want it to be and my brain doesn’t have the information stored on how to make that happen, it annoys me. I wanted this painting to be kind of cartoony but with a certain trompe l’oeil thing going on. I know I’m not at the level to be expecting true illusion, but it’s a start.


Painting is better with homemade bread right next to the canvas.


I can’t explain how painting, drawing, art supplies in general, all hypnotize me in some mysterious way.

Lindsay Painting


The progress for the day, a small pot on the window sill. It’s just the underpainting so far, but it got me over the hump of putting more paint on the canvas.

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