Art: Facing the Painting Demons (Or just too chickenshit to get started)



First, seedlings. In the dining room today are seedlings, bread dough rising, and canvases with paint, all part of my “Do something on my days off incentive plan”. My incentive, to have fun and accomplish something other than sit at my computer all day playing Cities Skylines. Look it up, just don’t start playing, it will suck you in like a black hole and nothing will get done.


The canvas is small, the kitchen counter is my easel. I want to do a small “window”, you know, that Tromp l’oeil style thing, with the ocean horizon in the background and a small potted plant on the sill. It’s not an original idea, but it’s my first foray into any of it, so wish me luck. Number one job, make a convincing ocean background.


I am still recycling the cups I got for our 25th class reunion a FEW years ago, so that’s making me smile every time I fear putting paint to canvas.



It started with lots of layers of blue, blue-green, lighter blue, etc. It was looking a bit stormy on that horizon so I had to do something scary, ad white stuff.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMore to come.


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