Follow the Less Traveled Path and Eat the Weeds Along the Way

Does Not Match 004People think I lack tradition and that I don’t fit into what they think someone should be, you know exactly what I mean. I don’t believe in any gods, I respect and have confidence in our President, Obama, Bush, Clinton, whoever it is because they know more than I do about how it all works and I trust them…I might not agree with every choice, but I don’t agree with a lot of your choices, my siblings’ choices, or my parents’ choices, or my grandparents’ choices, but that’s life. I don’t have to BE them to be ME.

We don’t have to follow every tradition and every path set before us by other people. Do you know why? A lot of those paths lead to places I don’t want to go. I didn’t want kids, that path was marked out for me though by basically the whole fucking population who believes a woman’s body is a baby making factory. True, in nature we have to reproduce to survive as a species, but guess what, there are a few other women on this planet now and will be in the future who will have enough babies to make up for the ones I will never have.

I work for my own money, regardless of my marital status. I own my own house, my own car, my own stuff, because I want to. I share my life with my husband, our finances aren’t the foundation of our marriage, thank goodness. I don’t need to depend on the money flowing from someone else’s hard work. I’ll do the work, trade my time for money and maintain the life I want. I don’t have kids to feed, so I’m sure if I did my stance would include their father of course, but I don’t, soooooo I don’t. I don’t share checking accounts or any accounts with my wonderful husband because it’s a layer of shit that no relationship needs smeared all over it to make things harder. But that is definitely off the path that most people want me to follow. Too bad.

I stopped eating meat a few years ago, which is a path that a lot of people do take in life, but we all know that growing up in the mid west, with a grandfather who owned a stockyard, and cousins who own a smokehouse, well, Vegetarianism is not the path that is very obvious:) That’s cool with me. I don’t see any one who bitches and moans or jokes about being vegetarian paying for my groceries, cooking my meals, going to the doctor for my cholesterol readings? Nope, so that path is covered with weeds and overgrowth, but that’s ok I’ll plod along and gather up some of it for my next salad:)

Why am I thinking of all this traditional stuff today? Well, I am looking forward to my mother coming to visit next weekend. She’s coming to see a play my nephew, one of her precious grandchildren, will be in. It’s one of his last Senior plays before graduating this year. Talk about not being a traditional person, he’s a great example of someone living his own life for sure. That is very reassuring for an Aunt, that a niece or nephew isn’t a carbon copy of their parents….you see, their parents are our siblings and we really don’t copies of them walking around:) Awe, just kidding sisters and brother (wink wink).

So, back to why I’m on the tradition kick today. Even with all of these things I don’t buy into just because the people around me expect me to, there are a lot of other things, much more important things that seem to be built into what is the foundation of my life. I haven’t learned enough about a lot of stuff through the years and now I am feeling the urge to catch up. This visit my mother will have an itenerary,

  1. Teach me to make her homemade pie crust.
  2. Discuss and take notes about her gardening experiences for my upcoming seed planting and growing season on the deck.
  3. Sewing, tips and experiences and hopefully some lessons on how to do some sewing of actual clothing…yike, yes, I want to make a few pieces of clothes to wear. Just imagine!!
  4. Canning and jam making tips, not that I will have enough from the gardening this year to can it, but to hear about it and learn from my mother how to do it, that’s really the important part.

To sum up, cooking, sewing, gardening, and food preservation, all passed on from mother to daughter. I’m not sure how much more traditional or important something can be. All the other stuff is just fuzzy details in the background of life.

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