Project: Paper Wreath Featuring Monopoly Money!!

Projects, love them. I like getting out the glue and the scissors and the wire and paper and and and and….it’s exciting to make something from almost nothing. This project came to me in a dream, of sorts. I thought I saw a spiky kind of wreath on our door in a dream I had when I was just taking a walk down our street, then a jog, then I ran..yea, in my DREAM. But, the take away was the wreath on our door that we have never had. So, I thought about how to make it and mix it with the board game idea that was forming for our monthly snack day at work.

Some people wonder how those little creative moments happen, well, it’s usually just by accident when an idea comes along that inspires and motivates and eventually becomes something. This time the woman I work with everyday was telling me that her daughter had a project at school to make a board game. (Actually she started to tell me that the daughter had to make something for a class like Family Planning or something like that and I said, “What, like a baby?” and we laughed and plotted out what that class and project might be like….oh, the comedy of teenage pregnancy) Back to the less life changing projects. I was already thinking of how to make our snack day more fun, and VOILA, that was it, board game!!

It worked great and it was a fun colorful way to dress up those mostly drab break room tables. Regardless of the level of “fun” people want to have at work, it is always nice to see something new, different, and hopefully brings up some fond memories or inspires you to maybe get out the dice and have a game of Yahtzee!!


The thing on the table is just  a big recycled piece of paper from a big roll at work, painted with some craft paints and Mod Podge, then lined with leaf cutouts with game things printed on them, Yahtzee score cards, Scrabble tiles, bingo cards…yea! I like it all. Call me crazy but I like those kind of repetitive things, cutting out a couple dozen leaves, gluing them to a piece of paper, etc.

Supplies at hand, motivated to make that weird wreath and the game idea all coming together to create the project.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Cardboard as the base was the first thing to establish. I wanted it to be light weight so it could hang on the back of a cubicle wall with not much more than a thumb tack. I had an old bottle of wood glue, overkill maybe, but it did the trick. It dries fast and really sticks stuff good!! Sticks stuff well? hmmmSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I am always willing to dip my paint brushes into things other than paint, well, depending on what the other thing is of course. This time I got a smallish brush and used it to smear the glue around on my recycled cardboard. The size of the wreath, by the way, was determined by the amount of printed out Monopoly money I had already created. The 500 bills were limited and made a certain size circle, thus the size was established.

I started by gluing each folded bill in the shape of a little cone, but eventually I got lazy and used the stapler. It worked great, and lead to an even better way to get the whole thing put together. Staple, staple, staple….even through the cardboard. One row around, then another, than another, I think 5 in total. After finishing it off with a “bow” made from an old Autumn themed napkin and wooden napkin ring my mother gave me as part of my Christmas gifts (she loves to give stuff that’s been her’s for a long time and now she wants to purge her storage space:)).


The fun part is the doing. Fun to plan and glue and cut and fold and roll and glue some more, and staple and then in the end there is a wreath. It’s better than the dream and served it’s purpose to decorate for November Snack Day at work:) SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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