Foot Surgery: A Day of Pictures, Stimulation, and Learning

No Makup

NO make up, NO deodorant, NO jewelry…what is this, surgery or an oppressive tyranny?

Feet Before Surgery

The lovely Barney Rubble feet before going under the knife. It’s the right one that needs the love and attention.


…and now for those goofy smiley “I do like a day in a medical facility as long as it’s me going through the procedure and so long as it’s not terrible horrible awful.”


“Gatorade going in” That’s what the RN said after getting the IV finally poked into the back of my hand.

Face 2

More face pictures. Yes, having a camera, tablet, and time to entertain oneself does end up being all about taking pictures of one’s own face:)

Face and hand

Intense. A needle poked into your skin and taped on seems perfectly normal in this situation. Try this at work or in a restaurant just randomly and see what happens.



Liking the shapes and lines.


Fluids you can appreciate. Can’t we all just have an IV of water going in all the time so we don’t have to drink boring stupid glasses of the stuff?


The boot. I do like it actually. It has power and comfort and gets rid of the pain. It doesn’t quite match my other shoe, but who cares.

The Method

2 bar stools, 1 tray. Move a stool move the tray, move the other stool, move the tray again. Repeat until making it to the couch or alerting the hawkeared mother and husband who are supposed to stop me from getting up and doing anything for myself…good plan guys, real good plan.

Peas for the swelling.

Awe, sweet.


Ingenuity is the daughter of invention. Engenius might be a strong word for such a set up, but I like it, so that’s what it’s going to be considered.


Both kinds of crutches get one the evening.


Tucked in for a good night of laptopping, TV watching, foot resting, fun.


Fight the infection, or something like that. Oranges as a snack is a great idea, until you realize the nurses have gone to bed and carrying any friggin’ thing while walking with crutches is challenging….so challenge on crutches. I defeated you! One waddle at a time.


“Pocky and the Mouse” I think that sounds like a good title for a cookbook, or young adult novel, not sure which yet. I’ll let you know when the pain medication kicks in.


Mhz TV with a Swedish TV show, and some foot on foot cuddle action. Awe, look how cute and compassionate Lefty is to RIghty.


Finally, the whole reason to have some dude take a very sharp object, slice into my foot, deal with the pain and discomfort……legitimately sitting down to watch Gilligan’s Island on MeTV, guilt free, but also laugh free since it’s not really that funny anymore. More pain meds please.


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