Creativity: The Taunting

The supplies are supplied. The time is available. The motivation is……..ugh. The glitch in the system of making some art is that the gears don’t quite get going when they need to. The bucket of wonderful potential is just sitting in my dining room. I LOVE drawing and making things. I even bought some canvases, even though I don’t paint much. I get so excited about the whole process of making art, and yet there is a fog that sets in when I start to move toward that corner full of goodness.

Is today the day? Pen, paper, time, hot tea, it seems like the perfect afternoon. Why can’t I just DO IT? Fear? Sometimes that angst of “what if it looks like shit” happens, but that’s not very big in my mind most of the time. Is it just laziness? Well, it’s not that much hard work to sit on my butt for several hours drawing lines on a piece of paper, so not sure laziness is the problem. Other things that need attention? Hmmm this computer does contain endless possible distractions, but that’s only if I let them distract me.

So, no more excuses. Time to draw or paint or just dig around in that bucket.








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