Smoothies: Day 6 – Affects

I wanted a Subway sandwich, so I had one. Guess what, only 6 days of laying off the bread and sugar and tonight I actually understand why  my body isn’t a friend to the carb. I feel bloated, as I have for months, and uncomfortable. The sandwich was delicious, of course, and I will it again, but just so I know it comes with a consequence. I wish someone would tell me that I’m not crazy and that I am right to say my body has certain things that happen in relation to food and exercise. I worked in the yard today and my hands and face were so swollen up it was uncomfortable again, yet again!! So tired of being swollen like a balloon. I am convinced that laying off the flour and sugar is a way to help, and adding more more more fresh vegetables. I can do that, no problem. I just don’t think I can do “no bread forever”. Even feeling grossly bloaty isn’t enough to refuse pizza forever and ever and ever. What’s a person to do? Hmmmm alternatives, build the body to be more resistant, and go to the Thyroid doctor about the hypothyroidism I apparently am swimming in. Also, exercise more more more more. Yuck. I might not have had a smoothie today but I am thinking about my health and how I feel as a result of the whole project and that’s a good thing. I think tomorrow I will crank up the blender  and drink down some green leafs and stuff:)

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