Happy F’ing Holidays

There is not war on flippin’ Christmas!! OH MY GOODNESS..you people are so paranoid and self absorbed. Celebrate what you want, how you want, why do I have to do exactly what YOU want for this holiday season? Why do I have to say what YOU want?

Why, if I do not believe what you believe, do I have to be subjected to all the rhetoric and not be able to say what I want or celebrate my way? If I say Happy Holidays, that means I want you and your family and friends to be happy through all the holidays…what the FUCK is wrong with that?

Do some research into your precious Christian holiday and find out a few things about it before you blindly go around supporting the notion that it’s some special unique historic, biblical thing…it is not. It is a celebration of many many many many human things through the ages. The story of one guy being born didn’t start the holiday.

It most certainly was not intended to lead us to give a shit what a clerk in a stupid store says as we spend our currency on things we don’t need for people who don’t need it (most of the time if we are honest) instead of giving to the people who have less than us (if you are buying stuff for a charity…you know you are excluded from this). Get over it!! If you feel threatened it’s not reality, it’s in your mind and the hive mind consuming you.

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