Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Tasty Free Stuff

We tried some Qrunch burgers a while back and they were really really good. I wanted to try some other varieties, talk about their goodness (or not so goodness) on our podcast over at www.ascullycom. I sent a note on their facebook page and voila!! A very nice young lady said she would send me some coupons….today they arrived. We do have to go 33 miles to get this brand of veg burgers, so two coupons that get us some without any dosh changing hands, makes it worth the trip. Oh, trust me, I make that trip worth the drive and the gas money. I’ll be getting other amazing foods from the health food stores in that town….never drive back empty handed!!

So, for now I have the coupons, a nice letter, history of the company, and the coupons. Later I will update this article with how delicious (fingers crossed) they will be.

Qrunch 004

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