Christmas 2012

The caramel dumplings were amazing. The fresh veggies were fantastic. The green bean casserole was delicously delightful. Everything was beyond good. Being a Vegetarian for about 3 years now and it still stumps me when people ask…”So what CAN you eat?” I CAN eat anything on this planet if I choose to eat it. I have eaten lots and lots of meat in my life, so why not change things up a bit? I find it a fascinating thing, people so attached to the idea of eating meat as something to identify with, as if it defines who they are in some way. I like to let go of some of those kinds of things to see if there is anything left of me….and guess what, there is.

For the holidays family is what we all try to gravitate back to, but not everyone has family. So, if you can, and WANT to find people to be close too for your holiday season, do it. It’s better than caramel dumplings…well, a little tiny bit anyway.

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