Chelsea’s Painting – From Aunt to Niece

Chelsea's Painting - In the Beginning

It’s time to get to making more art. I cannot put it into words, but I’ll try. Drawing, painting, making, images of what is in my mind, or what connects between my brain and my hand while there is a pencil touching paper, it makes me happy. It makes me happy.

Happy isn’t just one thing. This time it’s making a few small paintings for my niece Chelsea, to hang in her new home, is what gives me great satisfaction. Just the thought of her wanting me to do some artwork for her, THAT is enough…getting to actually engross myself, lose time, get elated, is all a bonus.

This time I will make a few smaller paintings. I’m not sure how many or the sizes, but I do have some guidelines. She likes biological microscopic images, like synapses, brain matter, blood cells, nerve endings…hmmmm I love that kind of stuff. She also likes nature, lightening, clouds, natural phenomenon, and all other manner of Mother Earth designs. This, too, is a total bonus!!

More to come!

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