The Famous Mom Poem

Sept 2001

You don’t know who she is?
How can that be?
Everyone knows her
You must live in a tree!….

I’ll tell you about her
She’s a legend of sorts
There’s never been such a star
not in movies, or sports

She used to lead Brownies
and sew cheerleading skirts
she wore groovy boots
and some pretty wild shirts

If a picnic was near
to the kitchen she’d fly
her baked beans with wienies
and scallopped corn had such style

Over the years she has mellowed
or so she keeps saying
it’s hard to slow down
when you’ve so much living

she’s banked and antiqued,
she’s done bookwork and taxes
she’s been our mom forever
so she’s wiped a lot of …. noses

She’s always the leader,
she never sits still
she can make something from nothing
and she’s handy with a drill,

These days she putters
she plants and she grows
she bleaches and vacuums
she digs and she hoes

Her computer’s an antique
but she plays all the same
Sega swirl and free cell
are her favorite games

If you visit her now
it’s 40 bucks a night
she greets with a smile
so the price is just right

I’m surprised you’ve never heard
she sure speaks her mind
she says what she thinks
she’s one of a kind

Tina Turner, James Dean
They’re much less impressive
than a grandma who plays games
and eats ice cream for breakfast

You’ll remember her name
believe me it’s true,
there’s more I could say, but
I’ll let her enlighten you.

Just one more thing
before I have to go
her claim to fame is obvious
but in case you don’t know…..

she’s washed a million sheets
and changed a ton of bedding
she’s 60 years old now…
she’s the famous Sandra Redding

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