Store Adventure

I went on a couple of trips last year, Mexico in the spring and Germany in the fall. I took a total of over 3000 photos, yes, 3000! Why did I take photos of things like an Aldi sign in Bavaria or the side of a truck in Mexico? When I’m somewhere new I notice the design of things more, a hyper awareness takes over and everything looks interesting. So, why not find the interesting angle in my everyday life?

I get really bored of going to the store, not that I don’t like the store, I love it. It’s always tantalizing, so many colors and shapes and there is a symmetry to the displays and rows of multiples. The boredom for me is the routine of buying the same things over and over. Apparently I need some kind of stimulation to make buying milk, bread, and mouthwash less mind crushingly routine.

I had the answer all along, look at it with my inner artist eye. Take the camera. Look like that strange lady with orange shoes with her camera on the floor, in the cart, on the check out treadmill, or BE that strange lady:) How many of us could there be?

On the curb.

Moving fast to get in from the rain.


Carpeted cart lounge.


In the cart.


From the floor.

Taking a ride.


Impression of the parking lot.






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