Look at My New Shoes and our Christmas Dinner and C3P0 and R2D2

To me there’s no heart to a gift of jewelry for the sake of being expensive. It’s not romantic to buy a ring or necklace that some salesman says will make your woman love you more. I don’t give a shit about gems or precious metals. When the world falls apart you can trade them for food and shelter, fine, but I”ll have these….

…and my sparkling personality to get me through the apocolypse. My husband took the time and the effort to design these shoes from the tip to the heel. He chose colors he knows I LOVE and even added my own name, so I don’t get lost I presume. He took a risk. I mean, what if I didn’t like the colors, the size was wrong, or I didn’t want new shoes at all? It’s a ballsy gift and it’s only one of many many romantic lovely things he has done for me through the years. I love my shoes and my husband!!

Dinner was delicious, simple and pretty healthy for the most part.

I made ‘sausage’ rolls with veggie patties, lots of vegetables, mushroom gravy…it was awesome and our guests of honor, the robots, were quite nice but didn’t bring gifts, bah.


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