Family In England: Love Your Technology

Posted on Wednesday, January 10 2007

I’m a fan of technology. I love my computer, my laptop, DVD player, cell phone w/camera (begrudgingly), flat TV’s, wireless mice, digital cameras, mp3 player, thumb drives, cordless phone, and other gadgets that have buttons and do stuff. The thing is, sometimes it all seems kind of boring. Yea, boring. I mean, some days the only thing I end up doing on my computer is reading my email, so that’s not too exciting. I don’t watch DVD’s or take pictures all the time. I don’t always have a need for music in my ears or taking files from one place to another. And finally, a cell phone is just a phone after all. It just makes it so that someone can call you while you shop, or you can call your spouse while waiting in line at a generic fast food joint reading the menu item by item while he (um, or she) decides what they want for supper.

There are times, however, when technology does it’s magic. My husband is British. He lives here in the states so we are far away from his family. Recently his aunt got a cell phone with a camera and voila! We can see photos of them anytime. She’s not a fan of computers or digital cameras, but she does handle her cell phone with a mastery even I’m jealous of.

So, in a world with lots of things to charge and plug in and buttons to push and batteries to change and parts to lose and accessories to buy…… it can all be used to bring us closer together, even from halfway around the world.

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