The Sixth Day

Ok, so we have succumb to the Arnie-syndrome. The one that infects your brain and blinds you to all the other bad Arnie movies that you have seen and clouds your judgment so you try just one more.. well, that is a bit harsh, but no totally incorrect.

I have seen most all Arnie movies. I enjoy ones like Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Junior (contrary to popular opinion mind you!!), Total Recall, Running Man and even the Terminator flicks. Those have some original, some fun, some interesting ideas married to good writing, good directing and even good acting in some cases.

The Sixth Day is entertaining, if not a bit over the top with the maniacal evil guy bent on sheer power. However, the idea of cloning and the possible extreme consequences is interesting and very topical. I just do not appreciate the assumption by these big studios that if you slap Arnold in a movie and some flashy effects, some cool gadgets and a slightly misguided but amazingly adept “hero” you come out with a quality product. Not true, don’t get me wrong, it’s not total crap, it’s just not anything more than a couple hours of mindless entertainment.. and isn’t that what you are all looking for anyway. hahaha Just kidding.

The VIOLENCE in this one is not appropriate for kids!!!!

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