Daily Breakfast Kit and the Art of Happy Marriage

I’m not the type of person who likes, appreciates, or desires a daily routine, schedule, or otherwise repetative behavior. My husband, um, is the opposite. 🙂 So, one of the things we do day after day after day is have our “breakfast”. Why the quotation marks? Well I work nightshift, therefore our morning might be at 3 in the afternoon, or 8 in the evening, or 1 in the morning. When we wake up, it’s time for breakfast. That’s just how it goes. It took us a few years to develope our current pattern of behavior, but in the past few months I realize it’s quite the little orchestra of jam, butter, milk, tea, and toast.

Today I was thinking as I pulled the components together that it’s a kit. My response to feeling locked into one of those routine things is to share it with the world, rather than break out and refuse to conform any longer. Take a photo, type up a few words, and throw it onto the internet pile. That’s my version of coping rather than rebelling. I’m not good at compromise, but in marriage, it’s helpful for happiness to prevail. 😉

Our breakfast kit:

A good way to start the day with toast, tea, and repetition.

A good way to start the day with toast, tea, and repetition.

  • 2 PG Tips teabags imported from good ol’England
  • 2 Ascully.com CafePress mugs from about 6 years ago. Faded but perfect.
  • Land o’ Lakes Spreadable Butter
  • 4 pieces of Hy-Vee potato bread
  • Vanilla Caramel Coffee Mate (for my tea)
  • 2% Milk (for my husband’s tea)
  • 4 tsp. sugar
  • Jam of some flavor
  • 1 knife
  • 1 spoon

If I had my way I would have a cup of tea one day, a hamburger the next, nothing the next, French Toast the next, left over pizza the next, lasagne the next..etc.  🙂 Hmmm lasagne sounds good. Time to go to the grocery store.

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