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Travel Tips

I”m not a world traveler. I have been to a couple of places that require a passport, and believe me, that’s enough to learn some lessons about the whole process. There has never been a horrible incident, no lost luggage,…

Store Adventure

From the floor.

I went on a couple of trips last year, Mexico in the spring and Germany in the fall. I took a total of over 3000 photos, yes, 3000! Why did I take photos of things like an Aldi sign in…

Driving Photos

They are saying that talking on the my cell phone is dangerous while I drive, so I decided to take some photos instead:)

Traveling with Etsy

I don’t live a pure handmade life. I do, however, have a few goodies that I have become ever so slightly addicted to. MorganStreet is one of my favorite sellers on and her handmade soaps and hand cream were…